AAPICU Registrations

Membership with AAPICU has always been strategically inexpensive so we can attract a wide diversity of members. In 2021, we are waiving membership fees to show our support amidst all of the challenges of a worldwide pandemic. Privileges and opportunities reserved for current AAPICU members include:

  • Availability of AAPICU funds for legal or governmental efforts to preserve the independence of our institutions.
  • University presidents, who are current members of AAPICU, are encouraged to register for the presidents-only AAPICU Annual Retreat (which will be held virtually in 2021). Spouses are also encouraged to register for a special session of the retreat. Once in-person retreats resume, both presidents and their spouses are welcome to attend.

Please contact secretary@aapicu.org with any questions.

This presidents-only retreat, held every February, is an incredible opportunity for presidents to meet with peers and share insights with one another. The upcoming retreat will be held virtually February 22-26 and includes a special session for spouses.

Registration fees for 2021 are waived due to the worldwide pandemic.

We hope these unique circumstances will provide an opportunity for many more presidents to join.

Register today!

Instructions for Making Registration
via Check

*N/A for 2021

If paying via check, please follow the links to the left and click the ‘Pay via Check’ box at the bottom of the registration pages after filling out the Member Profile forms.

If there are any questions regarding registration procedures, please email us at secretary@aapicu.org or call us at 801-422-4648.