Virtual Retreat Schedule

Tuesday, February 23 — 3:00 pm Eastern

Independent Higher Education Community Impact Study

Speaker: Frank Balz

Wednesday, February 24 — 3:00 pm Eastern

Independent Religious Institutions Roundtable

Host: Robin Baker

Thursday, February 25 — 3:00 pm Eastern

Independent Presidents Roundtable

Host: Beck Taylor

Friday, February 26 — 3:00 pm Eastern

Independent Biden Administration Regulatory Outlook

Speaker: Jody Feder


*You must be a current university president and a current member of AAPICU (2021) to attend the annual retreat.

However, in solidarity with our members and the many other institutions of higher education that have been impacted by the worldwide pandemic, we are waiving both the AAPICU membership and retreat registration fees for 2021.

We hope this will allow all who wish to participate in these vital conversations – especially the uniquely valuable Presidents Roundtable Session – to do so.